Ford Mustang - "Because they know what they are doing...."

When Ford presented the Mustang, the automotive world experienced an unimagined revolution.
The Mustang was intended to appeal to the young, sporty crowd and could be purchased from $2,368 (in today's purchasing power and adjusted for inflation, this equates to around $19,000).
The project should be crowned with success:
On the evening of the official sales launch, April 17, 1964, around 22,000 vehicles had already been sold. By the end of the first (albeit overlong) model year, 680,992 units had been sold. This represented a record in the USA.

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The journey of a Jaguar XJ-S from Vienna to Brussels

Jaguar XJ-S 1979

The search for a particular classic car and then the longed-for purchase of the desired vehicle is more than just shopping in an online store. It is always an adventure that extends over a longer period of time and sometimes even friendships are formed in the process.
Alexandre B bought a rare manual Jaguar XJ-S from us and sent us an article about it, which we don't want to deprive you of.
Take a trip with us from Vienna to Brussels and find out what surprises Alexandre experienced....

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From Steyr out into the world and back to Austria - the adventure journey of an automobile

In August 1919, the "Österreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft" finally presented its first production car, the Type II, at the Prague Motor Show. Analogous to the tax classes, the Type II also bore the designation 12/40 hp. The name of the company's home town was chosen as the brand name, and Steyr was born.

The Steyr automobiles achieved world renown in their early years and it is not at all surprising that two of the first Type IIs went to Egypt as early as 1920 to the royal family there. The family had close ties to Austria and also owned a hunting ground in this country. One Type II was painted red, the other had a dark blue paint job. And here begins an adventurous story .....

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