Ford Mustang V8 1965

On April 17, 1964, Ford presented the first-generation Mustang on the technical basis of the Ford Falcon as a coupe as well as a convertible and thus created the class of pony cars named after it.

The Mustang was a great success right from the start. The vehicle was intended to appeal to the young, sporty public and could be purchased from US$2,368 (in today's purchasing power and adjusted for inflation, this corresponds to around US$19,000). On the evening of the official sales launch, April 17, 1964, around 22,000 vehicles had already been sold. By the end of the first (albeit overlong) model year, 680,992 units had been sold. This represented a record in the USA. Quite obviously, it filled a gap in the market, the extent of which had not been anticipated. Ford optimistically expected 240,000 units to be sold. Neither the Chevrolet Corvair Monza, similar in concept and built from 1960, nor the Plymouth Barracuda, which appeared shortly before the Mustang, were anywhere near as successful.

The success of the Mustang was based not only on an elaborate and cleverly designed advertising campaign before and during the market launch, but also on an extensive list of individual extras and equipment packages. Every customer was to be able to design his Mustang model entirely according to his individual taste, whether as a sparsely equipped six-cylinder model, as a small luxury coupe or as a sports machine with a powerful V8 engine.

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