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Condition grades 1-5, what does that mean?

The condition and value appraisal of oldtimers, youngtimers, classics and exotics serves to identify the vehicle and provides detailed information about the vehicle's condition and value.
After an initial appraisal of the vehicle, where it is assessed for the first time in terms of condition and value, repeat inspections should be carried out every two years with a new determination of the value. The market for classic automobiles is constantly developing and has also become highly interesting for investors. Value increases in the double-digit percentage range are no longer exceptions, and it is precisely here that care should be taken to ensure that the appraisals are kept up to date. In addition, insurance considerations should also be taken into account: if the value of the vehicle has increased (due to the market situation), but the appraisal does not reflect this, then there may be high defaults on replacement.

Condition grade 1

Immaculate condition. No defects, damage or signs of use on the technology and appearance. Completely and perfectly restored top car. Like new or actually even better due to new technologies in the restoration.
The assumed condition of the vehicle at initial delivery is decisive for the evaluation with condition grade 1.

Condition grade 2

Good condition. Free of defects, but with slight (!) traces of use. Either rare and good unrestored original condition, or professionally restored. Technically and visually flawless with slight signs of use.
Low degree of wear of the mechanics.

Condition grade 3

Used condition. Vehicles without major technical and optical defects, fully roadworthy and roadworthy. No rust through. No immediate work necessary.
Traces of use and defects matching the traceable total mileage (mileage after a restoration).

Condition grade 4

Used condition. Only limited roadworthy. Immediate work for positive inspection according to § 57a StVO is necessary.
Light to medium rust through. Vehicle complete in the individual assemblies but not necessarily undamaged.

Condition grade 5

Condition in need of restoration. Vehicles in poor, not roadworthy overall condition.
Extensive work required in all assemblies. Vehicle not necessarily complete.

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